• Data Updates

    Land Use & the Built Environment

    June 18th 2014

    This visualization features data from our 2013 State of NYC’s Housing & Neighborhoods report and highlights new development activity and historic preservation across the five boroughs. Read more »

  • Data Updates

    A Focus on Inequality

    June 6th 2014

    This visualization features data from our 2013 State of NYC’s Housing & Neighborhoods report. The report focuses on economic inequality in New York City, analyzing changes over time in the distribution of the city’s income, economic segregation of city residents, and the neighborhood environments experienced by people of different incomes. Read more »

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    Bites of the Big Apple

    January 22nd 2014

    From Russian food in Brighton Beach, to ice cream in Staten Island, New York City’s eateries prove you can find every type of food in the Big Apple. Read more »

  • Data Updates

    Safer Streets Across All Beats?

    December 6th 2013

    Violent crime declined in all but one of NYC’s 76 police precincts from 2000 to 2011, but the magnitude of the decline varied across neighborhoods. Read more »

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    Sandy’s Impact on Low-Income New Yorkers

    October 30th 2013

    NYC households who applied for FEMA aid following Superstorm Sandy were more likely to have low incomes than their owner or renter counterparts in the city as a whole.  Read more »

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    Sandy’s Impact on Seniors

    October 29th 2013

    Some of the neighborhoods hit hard by Sandy have a high share of older New Yorkers, including seniors living alone.  Read more »

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    In the Path of the Storm

    October 28th 2013

    From co-ops to rental homes, New York’s diverse housing stock in Sandy’s surge area presents a challenge for recovery and resilience. Read more »

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    NYC Hits the Books

    October 23rd 2013

    NYC’s graduation rate has grown faster than that of the other four largest school districts in the state. Read more »

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    Will the Native New Yorkers Please Stand Up?

    October 2nd 2013

    Think the majority of New Yorkers are transplants from New Jersey or Ohio? Read more »

  • Data Updates

    NYC Sees Rise in Foreclosure Filings

    September 26th 2013

    Despite all those signs that the market is recovering, foreclosure filings across New York City have not slowed down, according to the 2013 Quarterly Housing Update: 2nd Quarter Read more »