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    Ingrid Gould Ellen Presents at the Institute for Children, Poverty, and Homelessness Conference

    January 20th 2012

    Jan. 20, 2012: At the Institute for Children, Poverty, and Homelessness Conference, co-director Ingrid Gould Ellen presented findings on the impact of foreclosures on children moving to lower-performing schools. The conference, entitled “Beyond Housing: A National Conversation on Child Homelessness and Poverty,” provided an opportunity to help colleagues across the field to imagine new and dynamic ways to reduce the impact of poverty and homelessness on children and families. Read the report that the presentation was based on here. Read more »

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    Furman Center Mourns Death of Herbert Z. Gold

    January 17th 2012

    Jan. 17, 2012: The Furman Center for Real Estate and Urban Policy mourns the death of longtime friend and supporter Herbert Z. Gold, who died on November 25th at the age of 96. A graduate of the NYU School of Law, Herb was a real estate developer in Rockville Centre and Long Island. Herb supported the Furman Center for many years, and most recently, his interest in and commitment to the development of affordable housing spurred him to establish the Herbert Z. Gold Affordable Housing Fellowship at the Furman Center, which was critical to the development and launch of our Subsidized Housing Information Project (SHIP) database last year. Herb’s kindness and compassion, his intellectual curiosity, and his generous spirit will be greatly missed by all who knew him. Read more »

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    Mark Willis Participates in American Securitization Forum Seminar

    December 12th 2011

    Dec. 12, 2011: Furman Center Resident Research Fellow Mark Willis served as a panelist at the American Securitization Forum seminar “Private Mortgage Finance Legislation—Rep. Garrett and Senator Corker’s Proposals.” Since the Obama Administration produced its whitepaper on GSE reform in February of 2010, Congressional leaders have been discussing the appropriate role of government within our nation’s housing finance system. Panelists discussed two draft bills from Congressman Scott Garrett (R-NJ) and Senator Bob Corker (R-TN) that would wind down Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and drastically reduce the federal government’s involvement in housing finance. Read more »

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    Ingrid Gould Ellen and Max Weselcouch Participate in Strategic Data Use Conference

    December 7th 2011

    Dec. 7, 2011: Furman Center Faculty Co-Director Ingrid Gould Ellen and Data Manager Max Weselcouch participated in the Strategic Data Use to Stabilize Neighborhoods Conference in Baltimore, Maryland. Ingrid Ellen joined a panel titled “Mobilizing Grassroots Participation in Data-Driven Policy,” which explored community-based efforts to use data as a means to mobilize people, and resources to gather and analyze data and affect change. View presentation. Max Weselcouch participated in the “Data Infrastructure Blueprint” workshop, which focused on ways to prepare and use data to promote neighborhood reinvestment. View presentation. The Federal Reserve Board of Governors and The Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond hosted the conference. Read more »

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    Furman Center Launches New York City Quarterly Housing Report

    November 28th 2011

    Nov. 28, 2011: In an analysis of third quarter housing indicators, the Furman Center finds that home sales volume remained low in the third quarter of 2011, with the number of properties sold citywide four percent lower than the number sold in the third quarter of 2010. The Quarterly Housing Update  is unique among New York City housing reports because it incorporates sales data, new construction indicators, and foreclosures. It also presents a repeat sales index for each borough to capture price appreciation while controlling for housing quality. View the press release. Read more »

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    Max Weselcouch Testifies at New York State Assembly Hearing on Foreclosures

    November 7th 2011

    Nov. 7, 2011: Furman Center Data Manager and Research Analyst Max Weselcouch testified at a joint hearing of the New York State Assembly’s committees on Housing, Judiciary and Banks on mortgage foreclosures in New York. The testimony covered Furman Center research on the ongoing nature of the foreclosure crisis, the community impacts of foreclosures, and the likelihood that borrowers who undergo foreclosure counseling will receive mortgage modifications. View coverage of the testimony here. Read more »

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    Mark Willis Participates in AmeriCatalyst Panel Debate

    November 7th 2011

    Nov. 7, 2011: Furman Center Resident Research Fellow Mark Willis participated in AmeriCatalyst’s panel debate, “A Change of Hearth: Homeownership vs. Rental Housing Policy and the Fate of the REO inventory.” The panel focused on housing and rental policies that promote homeownership in the United States.  AmeriCatalyst’s 2011 “Convergence: The Globalization of Housing Finance, 10 Years On,” convened top investors, regulators, bankers and academics in Austin, Texas to discuss and debate the future of the mortgage market. Read more »

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    Furman Center Researchers Present Papers at APPAM

    November 3rd 2011

    Nov. 3, 2011: Furman Center researchers are presenting 10 papers at the 33rd Annual Association for Public Policy Analysis and Management Research Conference on November 3-5, 2011. The presentations cover a wide range of Furman Center research on housing, land use, and urban affairs, from the relationship between public housing and crime to the effect of the economic downturn on the housing market, loan modification opportunities and housing stability for children. The theme of this year’s APPAM conference is “Seeking Solutions to Complex Policy and Management Problems.” View the full list of Furman Center APPAM presentations here. Read more »

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    Furman Center Releases Study on Housing Vouchers and Neighborhood Crime

    November 2nd 2011

    Nov. 2, 2011: New research released by the Furman Center finds no evidence that an increase of voucher holders in a community leads to increases in crime. The paper, American Murder Mystery Revisited: Do Housing Voucher Households Cause Crime, instead finds a different association: that voucher holders are more likely to move into areas when crime rates are already rising. More than two million renters now receive Housing Choice Vouchers which subsidize rent in private apartments. However, community opposition to vouchers can be fierce due to perceptions that voucher holders will both reduce property values and heighten crime. View Fact Sheet. Read more »

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    Johanna Lacoe Presents at 11th Crime Mapping Research Conference

    October 20th 2011

    Oct. 20, 2011: Furman Center Doctoral Fellow Johanna Lacoe presented at the Crime Mapping Research Conference in Miami, Florida. The presentation discussed findings from the study “Do Foreclosures Cause Crime”, which finds that foreclosures on a blockface lead to additional violent crimes and public order crimes, and these effects are largest when foreclosure activity is measured by the number of bank-owned properties on a blockface. View presentation. Read more »