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  • Key Findings on the Affordability of Rental Housing from New York City’s HVS 2008

    Every three years, the U.S. Census Bureau releases the New York City Housing and Vacancy Survey (HVS), which assesses changes in various aspects of New York City’s housing and neighborhoods. The primary goal of the survey is to estimate the rental vacancy rate in the City, but the survey also provides valuable insight into other trends in the housing stock. However, the data are released in a format that is hard to understand without statistical software. In order to make the findings available to a wider audience, we have analyzed the data about New York City’s neighborhoods and compiled this summary of noteworthy trends.

  • Declining Credit and Growing Disparities: Key Findings from HMDA 2007

    This analysis evaluates a recent decline in home purchase and refinance lending activity in New York City and the country as a whole, and identifies disparities in how that decline in lending has affected borrowers of different races.