Furman Center in the News

Date Title Source
05/08/09 “Don’t Put It Here!” Does Affordable Housing Cause Nearby Property Values to Decline? (PDF) Insights
04/11/13 “So You Think You Can Mayor?” Furman Center Forum on Housing: Vicki Been on the Brian Lehrer Show The Brian Lehrer Show (WNYC)
08/30/13 #NYChousing: 10 Issues for NYC’s Next Mayor Urban Omnibus
11/12/10 ‘09 NYC Home Loans Fell as Refinancing Exploded (PDF) Crain’s New York
09/27/11 ‘Do no harm’ on conforming loan limits (PDF) HousingWire
05/20/14 1 in 5 Bronx homeowners underwater: report Crain’s New York Business
07/16/14 1,500 Buildings Caught Between the Next Flood and a Hard Place WNYC
10/03/17 10 on 10: 10 Predictions on the Next Decade Forces
06/15/14 10 Things Your Landlord Won’t Tell You MarketWatch
05/17/11 10,000 Missing in Astoria? What The Stats Say (PDF) City Limits
06/19/18 100,000 New Jobs for New York: Will Enough go to Poorer Workers? New York Times
03/14/17 13 Years After Blocking New Development, Staten Island Hopes to Welcome Just Enough of it City Limits
09/29/11 15 Years On, Still No Agreement on Welfare Reform’s Impact (PDF) City Limits
10/25/13 30 Issues: Private Money for Public Good The Brian Lehrer Show - WNYC
10/26/12 40% of LIHTC Units House Extremely Low-Income Residents (PDF) Housing Finance News
08/15/14 6 Charts That Show New York Needs More Micro-Apartments Curbed NY
06/05/14 A ‘New Era’ for Tenants? Capital New York
10/13/16 A Big Bet on ‘Revitalizing Downtown’ Gotham Gazette
10/14/16 A Changing Waterfront in Greenpoint, Brooklyn New York Times
09/21/15 A Crucial Strategy to End The Homelessness Crisis Crain’s New York Business
02/01/09 A Foreclosure Freeze Would Ease Their Fears (PDF) New York Daily News
02/13/09 A Homecoming for HUD’s New Secretary (PDF) New York Times
03/09/11 A House Dies And a Block Sinks (PDF) Brooklyn Ink
06/21/10 A Housing Price Collapse in Queens New York is Almost Certain (PDF) Real Estate Channel
01/01/10 A Manhattan Apartment for the Price of a Car? (PDF) The Real Deal
08/16/13 A Mayor Who Puts Wall Street First (PDF) The New York Times
02/01/09 A Month Free? Rents Are Falling Fast (PDF) New York Times
04/15/07 A Most Exclusive Club (PDF) New York Times
10/28/16 A New Report Analyzes the Steps New York Is Taking to Slow Gentrification in Bushwick and Beyond Bushwick Daily
05/09/14 A Plan Built on Assumptions The New York Times
04/18/11 A Real Estate Kingdom in Brownsville (PDF) The Brooklyn Ink
10/20/11 A Search for Subsidized Housing, Simplified (PDF) The New York Times
11/22/13 A tall tower threatens to darken New York’s Central Park Marketplace
01/19/16 A Tax on Views of Central Park? New York Times
05/28/15 A Taxing Matter: Looking Back on the History of 421-a The New York Observer
02/10/16 A Vote for Parking Minimums Is a Vote to Keep the Rent Too Damn High StreetsBlog NYC
09/02/11 Across the Hall, Diversity of Incomes (PDF) The New York Times
02/07/17 Affordable East Harlem development will have 655 passive house rentals Curbed New York
04/06/09 Affordable Homeownership and the “$1 Billion Promise” (PDF) City Limits
03/25/16 Affordable Housing ‘Increasingly Out of Reach’ in Atlanta Curbed Atlanta
01/14/15 Affordable Housing More Frequently Preserved in Less Desirable Neighborhoods New York Observer
04/22/13 Affordable Housing Paved the Way for Neighborhood Revitalization (PDF) New York Real Estate Journal
06/23/10 Affordable Housing Pays Off for City Crain’s New York Business
02/20/07 Affordable Housing Strikes It Rich (PDF) City Limits
09/06/16 Affordable Housing Will Only Work With For-Profit Developers in the Mix The Observer
10/05/09 Affordable Housing, Not Included (PDF) Gotham Gazette
07/28/14 Affordable Multi-family Housing Faces Financial Hurdles in Doing Resiliency Retrofits New York Observer
08/31/15 Affordable South Bronx The Architect’s Newspaper
02/25/15 After the Shouting, Do Shelters and Supportive Housing Harm Neighborhoods? City Limits
07/21/15 Airbnb and Affordable Housing, Part 2 Planetizen
10/19/16 Airbnb likely does keep rents and property prices high in super-hot cities, statistics show Business Insider
10/23/15 Airbnb’s Lessons For Affordable Housing National Journal
06/18/13 Alms for the Upper Middle Class: Subsidized Apartments Aim at $200K Earners (PDF) New York Observer
02/09/16 Americans Less Optimistic About Owning a Home Realtor.com
01/10/14 Among Cuomo’s Proposals, a Tax Break for Renters The New York Times
07/15/16 An Art Installation Visualizes the Boggling Tax Disparities Along Central Park CityLab
04/04/14 An Indescribable System, Threatened Capital New York
07/29/16 Analysis: Tax lien properties concentrated in central and eastern Brooklyn and southeast Queens Politico
11/15/17 Another way the House tax bill hurts ordinary Americans: Devastating the affordable housing market New York Daily News
03/14/14 Apartment Hunting with a Mobile App The New York Times
08/17/15 Apartment Rents Continue Upward Climb Amidst Affordability Concerns Multi-Housing News
03/25/15 Are Co-Op Owners Entitled to ‘Windfall’ Profits? City Limits
03/03/16 Are Micro-Apartments a Good Solution to the Affordable-Housing Crisis? The New Yorker
07/30/15 Are You a Gentrifier? Slate
07/07/17 Arts Education for All Runs Into Rising Brooklyn Rents Next City
07/09/13 As Bloomberg Built Affordable Housing, City Became Less Affordable (PDF) WNYC
10/15/09 As City Adds Housing for Poor, Market Subtracts It (PDF) The New York Times
01/19/09 As Economy Stalls, Fewer New Yorkers Moving Out of State (PDF) New York Times
08/05/16 As prices soar, NYC homeowners saddled with housing costs The Real Deal
07/07/17 As Rents Rise in the Bronx, Old-Timers Feel the Pressure New York Times
05/05/15 As Tenants Rail Against Subsidy, REBNY Comes Out Swinging Capital New York
06/07/11 As the High Line Grows, Business Falls in Love with a Public Park (PDF) WNYC
07/30/16 At home in the club: the LGBT parties changing the face of Brooklyn’s nightlife The Guardian
07/07/17 At the Center of Change, Cherry’s Unisex New York Times
10/30/15 Atlanta Luxury Apartment Boom Puts The Squeeze On Renters WABE, Atlanta’s NPR Station
07/01/11 Austerity Measures Threaten Legal Aid for New Yorkers Facing Foreclosure (PDF) World Socialist Website
08/30/13 Average New Yorkers Being Priced Out of Manhattan Real Estate Weekly
06/06/13 Awaiting Immigration Reform (PDF) New York Times
03/30/09 Bad News Up North: In a Season of Shrinking Sales Volume, Harlem’s Been Hit Extra-Hard (PDF) New York Magazine
11/19/13 Baltimore County’s poor need housing, too The Balitmore Sun
08/13/09 Banks Abandon Foreclosed Homes CNN
01/21/11 Banks Want Pieces of Fannie-Freddie Pie (PDF) The New York Times
09/22/13 Barclays at 1: Taking the next step New York Daily News
01/11/15 Battle Looms Over NYC Rent Stabilization Law amNewYork
07/15/15 Bed-Stuy is Focus of Concerns Over Fate of Community Gardens CityLimits
09/04/10 Bedford-Stuyvesant: Buyers Have Upper Hand (PDF) The Wall Street Journal
10/19/09 Behind a Stolid Facade, The Whole Nation’s Crisis (PDF) City Limits
05/09/16 Behold, NYC’s 15 Most Rapidly Gentrifying Neighborhoods Curbed NY
11/30/07 Being Able to Live Where You Work (PDF) USA Today
06/04/15 Berlin Imposes Rent Caps As World’s Most Desirable Cities Become ‘Gated Communities’ Vice News
02/10/12 Bernanke’s speech to home builders (PDF) Reuters
09/19/08 Best Design: West Village (PDF) Time Out New York
08/23/10 Beyond the Poverty Line (PDF) Stanford Social Innovation Review
07/25/07 BIDs Raise Commercial Property Values (PDF) Crain’s New York Business
03/03/08 Bill Would Set Foreclosure Moratorium (PDF) New York Times
01/26/14 Biz improvement zones: A concept that’s picking up Crain’s Detroit Business News
11/20/09 Bloomberg Busts Out the Cash (PDF) The Indypendent
09/15/11 Bloomberg Housing Plan Hits Milestones, Obstacles (PDF) City Limits
02/22/10 Bloomberg Retools Affordable MF Program Globe Street
02/22/10 Bloomberg Shifts Affordable Housing Focus (PDF) NY1