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Furman Center in the News

Date Title Source
04/23/14 NYC rents skyrocket as incomes lag New York Post
04/21/14 Officials ‘air’ their plan differences Crain’s New York Business
04/17/14 Mixed Views of Gentrification’s Threat in East New York City Limits
04/15/14 How Free Parking Is Screwing Up Our Cities U.S. News & World Report
04/04/14 An Indescribable System, Threatened Capital New York
04/01/14 De Blasio inherits a ceiling Capital New York
03/28/14 Serial Renters in New York City The New York Times
03/17/14 Central Harlem residents line up at food pantry just steps from upscale restaurants, food shops New York Daily News
03/17/14 Legal Duo Drops $21B Property Tax-Bomb Crain’s New York Business
03/14/14 Apartment Hunting with a Mobile App The New York Times
03/11/14 Privatizing Public Housing, RAD-ically Center for Effective Government
03/11/14 NYC Property Tax Change Seen Yielding $4 Billion Windfall Bloomberg News
03/04/14 Could More Flexible Air Rights Policies Facilitate the Growth of Affordable Housing? The New York Observer
03/04/14 Spike Lee missed the point CNN
02/28/14 New York City’s Property-Tax System Faces a Challenge Wall Street Journal
02/28/14 Tenants Allege Racial Bias in City Property Tax System New York Law Journal
02/25/14 The Quiet, Massive Rezoning of New York Capital New York
02/25/14 Tenants Living Amid Rubble in Rent-Regulated Apartment War The New York Times
02/14/14 Rent Check The New York Times
02/08/14 How I Landed a $38,000 Apartment in Brooklyn Heights WNYC
02/08/14 New York’s Affordable Housing Shortage The New York Times
02/08/14 New York’s Affordable Housing Shortage The New York Times
02/02/14 Is Gentrification All Bad? New York Magazine
01/31/14 The Truly Affordable New York Apartment The New York Times
01/28/14 What are you doing here? New York ranks No. 1 for most people departing The Syracuse Post Standard
01/26/14 Biz improvement zones: A concept that’s picking up Crain’s Detroit Business News
01/24/14 City Council 101: “Land Use and Real Estate Development in the Five Boroughs” City & State
01/22/14 De Blasio Sets Ambitious Goal for Affordable Apartments The New York Times
01/20/14 The Racism That Still Plagues America Salon
01/17/14 Borough builders bought more air rights in 2013 Times Ledger
01/16/14 Frustration at Lack of Sites to Ease School Crowding in Sunset Park Brooklyn Bureau
01/10/14 Brooklyn’s Median Household Income Is Less Than $45,000 Slate
01/10/14 Among Cuomo’s Proposals, a Tax Break for Renters The New York Times
01/09/14 In Central Harlem, Breaking into the Middle Class WNYC
01/08/14 Displacement of the Poor: Bloomberg’s Legacy El Diario
01/07/14 The Fungibility of Air The Nation
01/02/14 De Blasio Plan to Use NYC Pension for Housing Faces Constraints Bloomberg
01/02/14 Michael Bloomberg’s 12 years at the helm of New York City come to an end The Guardian
12/16/13 In Search of the Next Hot Neighborhood Wall Street Journal
12/02/13 North Avenue Gateway Apartments Build Hope in West Baltimore Baltimore Sun
11/27/13 Want Cheap Rent? Here’s How to Enter a Housing Lottery DNA Info
11/22/13 A tall tower threatens to darken New York’s Central Park Marketplace
11/21/13 Illegal NYC Homes Thrive as De Blasio Tackles Housing Shortage Bloomberg Businessweek
11/19/13 Baltimore County’s poor need housing, too The Balitmore Sun
11/12/13 Loan Woes Buffet Apartment Group Wall Street Journal
10/31/13 Why Superstorm Sandy is Still Wreaking Havoc on Poor Communities ColorLines
10/25/13 30 Issues: Private Money for Public Good The Brian Lehrer Show - WNYC
10/23/13 No Sky Zone: Residents of 57th Street Rage Against Extell’s High Rise Row, ‘Gluttonous’ Buildings New York Observer
10/22/13 The Rent in NYC is Too Damn High, and the City Desperately Needs Solutions Policy Mic
10/20/13 Widow’s Bankruptcy Case Poses Risk to Rent-Stabilized Tenants New York Times
10/17/13 To Bolster Revenue, Landmarks Look Up The Wall Street Journal
10/17/13 No Vacancies New York Times
10/17/13 To Bolster Revenue, Landmarks Look Up Wall Street Journal
10/14/13 Looser Rules on Illegal Housing Sought New York Times
10/02/13 How Affordable is Affordable Housing? MetroFocus
10/02/13 Manhattan Real-Estate Market As Insane As Ever New York Magazine
10/02/13 MetroFocus Preview Oct. 3: Affordable Housing, Prop 5, Earthflight MetroFocus
09/27/13 Why It’s So Hard to Storm-Proof Apartment Buildings (View PDF) Atlantic Cities
09/26/13 Wine Country … in Bed-Stuy? City Limits
09/22/13 Barclays at 1: Taking the next step New York Daily News
09/19/13 Segregation May Be Less of a Problem, But It’s Still a Problem Pacific Standard
09/08/13 NYC looks beyond Bloomberg’s era of inequality Al Jazeera America
09/07/13 The slogan of NYC mayor’s race: the middle class Associated Press
09/07/13 Every Candidate Is for Affordable Housing, Whatever That Means Gotham Gazette
09/05/13 Cash for Homes: Policy Implications of an Investor-Led Housing Recovery Center for American Progress
08/30/13 #NYChousing: 10 Issues for NYC’s Next Mayor Urban Omnibus
08/30/13 Average New Yorkers Being Priced Out of Manhattan Real Estate Weekly
08/23/13 Making room for affordable housing Queens Chronicle
08/22/13 The Only 4 Ways To Get A Cheap Apartment In New York City Business Insider
08/20/13 Extreme Weather Hurts Low-Income People Most National Journal
08/16/13 A Mayor Who Puts Wall Street First (View PDF) The New York Times
08/16/13 Return of Rent Control: Brad Lander and Candidates Push for Mandatory Inclusionary Zoning (View PDF) New York Observer
08/16/13 Report Finds a City Incentive Is Not Producing Enough Affordable Housing (View PDF) New York Times
08/14/13 Companies Spruce Up Neighborhoods, Putting Gentrification in Overdrive Wall Street Journal
08/12/13 Minority homebuyers often got risky loans even though they qualified for better mortgages, study say The Plain Dealer
08/12/13 It’s About Inequality: New York’s Class-Conscious Mayoral Race (View PDF) The Nation
08/08/13 Report: More New Yorkers are struggling to pay the rent (View PDF) Real Estate Weekly
07/31/13 New York City, Income Inequality Capital Of America, Now Also Facing Soaring Rent Prices: Report (View PDF) Huffington Post
07/29/13 Five Facts About New York City Rents and Renters’ Incomes Curbed
07/29/13 Nearly one third of New Yorkers are “severely burdened” by housing costs: study (View PDF) New York Daily News
07/25/13 NYC Undertaxes Most Valuable Apartments, Report Says (View PDF) Law 360
07/25/13 New York City Co-ops Still Scandalously Undertaxed, Furman Center Finds (View PDF) New York Observer
07/23/13 The Perverse Effects of Rent Regulation (View PDF) New York Times
07/18/13 What New Yorkers Complain About Fox 5 News
07/12/13 The City That Never Stops Complaining: A Map of NYC By Each Area’s Top 311 Complaint (View PDF) The Atlantic
07/12/13 How the Rich Get a Big Real Estate Tax Break (View PDF) New York Times
07/12/13 Map Shows What Each Neighborhood of New York City Complains About the Most New York Magazine
07/09/13 DEAR NEW YORKERS: Here’s Why Your Rent Is So Ridiculously High Read more: http://www.businessinside Business Insider
07/09/13 Harlem townhouse is a record-breaker at $4M as gentrification speeds up. (View PDF) New York Daily News
07/09/13 As Bloomberg Built Affordable Housing, City Became Less Affordable (View PDF) WNYC
07/08/13 New York, the Vertical City, Kept Rising Under Bloomberg (View PDF) WNYC
06/26/13 Poll: Voters Don’t Think City Hall Can Make NYC Cheaper Wall Street Journal
06/21/13 Two competitions push designers to build better (View PDF) Crain’s New York
06/19/13 How do you prepare for a lifetime of renting? BBC News
06/18/13 Alms for the Upper Middle Class: Subsidized Apartments Aim at $200K Earners (View PDF) New York Observer
06/15/13 Give Queens a Place at the Table (View PDF) Times Ledger
06/13/13 Discrimination Still Exists in Housing in More Subtle Ways (View PDF) Fox Business
06/06/13 Awaiting Immigration Reform (View PDF) New York Times
06/05/13 Report: NYC Building permits at highest since 2008 (View PDF) Real Estate Weekly
06/03/13 FHFA Should Test Mortgage Reforms Before Congress Commits to One (View PDF) American Banker

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