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Furman Center in the News

Date Title Source
02/26/15 Mayor Urged to Give Nonprofits a $600M Break Crain’s New York Business
02/25/15 After the Shouting, Do Shelters and Supportive Housing Harm Neighborhoods? City Limits
02/24/15 CoStar Pours Money Into Wall Street Journal
02/24/15 The Housing Market is Still Struggling Marketplace
02/23/15 What is a Micro Home? And What Does it Mean in New York? Curbed NY
02/20/15 New York’s Bedford-Stuyvesant District Enjoys Real Estate Revival Financial Times
02/19/15 City Housing Rules Examined Wall Street Journal
02/09/15 Majority of People in Big US Cities Opt to Rent: Report The Real Deal
02/09/15 More Than 1 in 4 Rent-Burdened in These 7 U.S. Cities Next City
02/09/15 Renters Outnumber Homeowners in Chicago, 8 Other Cities Chicago Tribune
02/09/15 NYU Furman Center and Capital One Release National Affordable Rental Housing Landscape Business Wire
02/08/15 Renters Are Majority in Big U.S. Cities Wall Street Journal
02/04/15 Flight to Fairfield County? Stamford Advocate
02/03/15 De Blasio Housing Push Faces Hurdles as Neighbors, Politicians Raise Questions Wall Street Journal
01/30/15 Let Them Bake Baguettes: Programs and Promises Haven’t Banished Poverty in a Bronx Neighborhood New York Times
01/28/15 The Red Host Rubble of East New York New York Magazine
01/20/15 Gentrification May Be Complicated, But It’s Not a Myth and Neither is Displacement New York Observer
01/16/15 Why is Affordable Housing Disappearing in NYC? Multi-Housing News
01/15/15 Only 6% of Affordable Apartments Built Since 2000 Have Been in Manhattan Below 96th St. New York Daily News
01/15/15 Only 6% of NYC’s Affordable Units Were Built in Manhattan Below 96th St. The Real Deal
01/14/15 More Subsidized Rentals Found in Less Desirable Neighborhoods WNYC
01/14/15 Affordable Housing More Frequently Preserved in Less Desirable Neighborhoods New York Observer
01/13/15 My Mystery Landlord WNYC
01/11/15 Battle Looms Over NYC Rent Stabilization Law amNewYork
01/05/15 How Michael Bloomberg Greenwashed New York City Tablet
12/26/14 What’s Up Next in New York? New York Times
12/10/14 Mayor’s Mandate: Experts Fear Affordable Upzoning Plan Will Fall Short New York Observer
11/20/14 Chicagoland’s Vanishing Middle-Class Neighborhoods Chicago Magazine
11/20/14 Korean War Vet Walter McClary Moving On Up - Into Coveted Affordable Apartment New York Daily News
11/20/14 For 124 Families, This Lottery’s Jackpot Was an Affordable New Home in Manhattan New York Times
11/17/14 Flushing Is Up Next for City Housing Focus Wall Street Journal
11/14/14 Divided by a Windfall: Affordable Housing in New York City Sparks Debate New York Times
10/30/14 Micro Cosmopolitan: The Promise of Tiny Apartments in a City Where Size Is Everything New York Observer
10/29/14 The Storm That Will Be: Protecting Public Housing in the New 100-Year Floodplain Urban Omnibus
10/27/14 City Looks at Life Beyond Housing Wall Street Journal
10/25/14 Property Tax Envy New York Times
10/19/14 Get Ready for a $5 Billion Bill, NY Crain’s New York Business
09/28/14 Higher Land Prices Test Affordable-Housing Plan Wall Street Journal
09/26/14 New York’s Harlem Enjoys New Real Estate Renaissance Financial Times
09/18/14 Manhattan Historic Districts See Meager Relative Value Appreciation, Report Finds New York Observer
09/14/14 Trading Parking Lots for Affordable Housing New York Times
09/05/14 St. Albans: Suburban Homes, Signs of Rebound Wall Street Journal
08/29/14 Micro-Unit Apartments: Tiny and Booming Marketplace
08/28/14 Many in Seattle Are Taking a Stand Against Rise of Micro-Apartments Seattle Times
08/15/14 6 Charts That Show New York Needs More Micro-Apartments Curbed NY
08/15/14 The Housing Being Built in New York Doesn’t Meet the Needs of New Yorkers New York Observer
08/14/14 Manhattan Condos at Half Price Reshape New York’s Harlem Bloomberg
08/11/14 The Cost of New York City Journal
08/01/14 The Cost of Retrofitting Multifamily for Resilience Urban Land Magazine
07/28/14 Affordable Multi-family Housing Faces Financial Hurdles in Doing Resiliency Retrofits New York Observer
07/23/14 New York’s Storm-Proofing Could Make Apartments More Expensive Next City
07/21/14 Furman Center: Resilience Requirements Ensnare Multifamily Owners Commercial Observer
07/16/14 1,500 Buildings Caught Between the Next Flood and a Hard Place WNYC
07/10/14 Debate Simmering Over Transferable Development Rights Commercial Observer
06/30/14 How Rising Rents, Falling Incomes Crush Communities Marketplace
06/22/14 New York rent hearings grow rancorous with freeze under consideration LA Times
06/20/14 My Lower East Side The New York Times
06/19/14 Report sheds light on rent-stabilized tenants The Real Deal
06/18/14 Who Lives in Rent-Regulated Housing? New York Observer
06/16/14 Is the Rent Too Damn High… Because of Property Taxes? WNYC
06/15/14 10 Things Your Landlord Won’t Tell You MarketWatch
06/13/14 Jamaica Bets on Rezoning for a Delayed Boost Wall Street Journal
06/10/14 We need to face the looming rental crisis right now Housing Wire
06/08/14 Manhattan Population Growing Despite Ever-Increasing Rents New York 1
06/05/14 A ‘New Era’ for Tenants? Capital New York
05/30/14 Middle-Class Lament: Rent The New York Times
05/29/14 Neighborhood violence is hurting black kids’ test scores Washington Post
05/28/14 Despite Growing Income Inequality, Rents Continue to Rise Curbed NY
05/28/14 Income inequality in New York getting worse, according to survey AM New York
05/28/14 Rents pinch NYers, but at least we’re not in San Fran Crain’s New York Business
05/27/14 Pressured to Move, Low-Income Tenants Resist Buyouts Brooklyn Bureau
05/27/14 De Blasio Affordable Housing Plan Seeks to Diversify Community Incomes CBS New York
05/25/14 City home inventories hit new lows New York Post
05/20/14 1 in 5 Bronx homeowners underwater: report Crain’s New York Business
05/16/14 What’s Next, a Bouncer? The New York Times
05/12/14 Gimme Shelter The Economist
05/09/14 A Plan Built on Assumptions The New York Times
05/07/14 With Caution, a Poor Corner of Brooklyn Welcomes an Affordable Housing Plan The New York Times
05/06/14 NYC Tackles Housing Crisis with Largest Plan in Nation The Epoch Times
05/06/14 Fair Housing Hope New York Post
05/05/14 De Blasio Unveils Plan to Create More Affordable Housing for City The New York Times
04/30/14 Costs Threaten New York City Mayor’s Rent Plan The Wall Street Journal
04/30/14 Sky High: Times Square Marriot Sets Theater District Record With Big Air Rights Buy New York Observer
04/30/14 The Rent is Too High The New York Times
04/28/14 Check Out This Depressing Rental Market Infographic Curbed NY
04/28/14 Why U.S. desperately needs affordable homes CNN Opinion
04/23/14 NYC rents skyrocket as incomes lag New York Post
04/21/14 Officials ‘air’ their plan differences Crain’s New York Business
04/17/14 Mixed Views of Gentrification’s Threat in East New York City Limits
04/15/14 How Free Parking Is Screwing Up Our Cities U.S. News & World Report
04/04/14 An Indescribable System, Threatened Capital New York
04/01/14 De Blasio inherits a ceiling Capital New York
03/28/14 Serial Renters in New York City The New York Times
03/17/14 Central Harlem residents line up at food pantry just steps from upscale restaurants, food shops New York Daily News
03/17/14 Legal Duo Drops $21B Property Tax-Bomb Crain’s New York Business
03/14/14 Apartment Hunting with a Mobile App The New York Times
03/11/14 Privatizing Public Housing, RAD-ically Center for Effective Government
03/11/14 NYC Property Tax Change Seen Yielding $4 Billion Windfall Bloomberg News
03/04/14 Could More Flexible Air Rights Policies Facilitate the Growth of Affordable Housing? The New York Observer
03/04/14 Spike Lee missed the point CNN

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