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Directory of NYC Housing Programs

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Residential Emergency Services to Offer (Home) Repairs to the Elderly

Program (?) Residential Emergency Services to Offer (Home) Repairs to the Elderly
Abbreviation RESTORE
Program Description

RESTORE provides assistance to low-income elderly homeowners. RESTORE funds may be used to pay for the cost of emergency repairs that eliminate hazardous conditions in homes owned by the elderly when the homeowners cannot afford to make the repairs without assistance. In response to a publicly-issued Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA) issued by HCR, non-profit corporations and municipalities submit program designs detailing how they would administer local RESTORE programs, including how they would select eligible recipients, distribute funds, monitor construction, and ensure compliance with program requirements. In order to be eligible, homeowners must be 60 years of age or older with a household income below 80 percent of AMI.

Benefit Classification (?)  
Supply or Demand Demand
One-Time or Ongoing One-Time
Benefit Type (?) Financing, Grant
Government Agency (?) NYS Department of Homes and Community Renewal
Program Information (?)  
Scale N/A
Developer/Owners (?) For-Profit, Non-Profit, Government
Property Information (?)  
Property Occupancy Occupied
Property Type Building
Building Type One- to Four-family
Construction Type Rehabilitation
Occupant Tenure (?) Homeownership
Occupant Income Restrictions (?) Low-Income
Other Targeting Information (?)

Only low-income homeowners over the age of 60 are eligible

More Information NYS HCR
Available on CoreData.nyc? No

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