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Directory of NYC Housing Programs

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Other HUD Financing

Program (?) Other HUD Financing
Program Description

For CoreData.nyc purposes only. See notes below. 

Benefit Type (?) Financing
Government Agency (?)
Program Information (?)  
Scale N/A
Available on CoreData.nyc? Yes
Last Updated June 2018
Data Source U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development
CoreData.nyc Notes

Includes the following programs:

207/ 223(F)/ 223(E) Declining Area
223(A)(7) Refi Of 221d3 Market Rate In A 223(E) Declining Area
223(A)(7)/207/223(F) Refinanced Insurance
223(A)(7)/220 Refi/ Urban Renewal
223(A)(7)/220/223(E) Refi/ Declining Areas
223(A)(7)/221(D)(3) Mkt Refi/ Moderate Income
223(A)(7)/232 Refi/ Assisted Living
223(A)(7)/232 Refi/ Nursing Home
223(A)(7)/232/223(F)/Pur/Refi/Nursing Home
223(A)(7)/241(A)/232 Refi/Improvements & Additions
223(A)(7)/241(A)/242 Refi/Improvements & Additions
223(A)(7)/242 Refi/ Hospital
232 Nursing Homes
232/ 223(F)/Pur/Refin/ Assisted Living
236(J)(1)/ Lower Income Families
241(A)/ 232 /Improvements & Additions / Nursing Homes
241(A)/ 242 /Improvements & Additions / Hospitals
242 Hospitals
542(B) Qpe Risk Sharing Plus < 15 Yr Term, No Amtz Balloon
542(B) Qpe Risk Sharing-Recent Comp
542(B)Qpe Risk Sharing-Existing
542(C) Hfa Risk Sharing -Ffb Existing/Coop/Apts/Mhp/Alf
542(C) Hfa Risk Sharing-Existing
542(C) Hfa Risk Sharing-Recent Comp
Qpe Risk Sharing-Ffb Existing

Data from U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development accessed February 2018.

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