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Directory of NYC Housing Programs

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Program (?) Mitchell-Lama
Alternative Name(s) State Mitchell-Lama; City Mitchell-Lama; Article IV Limited Dividend Company; Article V Limited Dividend Company
Program Description

The Mitchell-Lama program subsidized the construction of 269 developments, with over 105,000 apartments for moderate- and middle-income households. Prior to Mitchell-Lama, a precursor under the Article IV of the New York State Limited Dividend Company Act authorized in 1927 subsidized 22 owner-occupied middle-income developments with an additional 10,000 apartments. In exchange for low-interest mortgage loans and real property tax exemptions, the Mitchell-Lama program limited profits and placed income limits on tenants or cooperative owners. The program also required ongoing supervision by the agency originally sponsoring the development of the project, either HPD or HCR. After New York City’s fiscal crisis, HDC, beginning in 1977, working with FHA, refinanced many of the City’s Mitchell-Lama portfolio; by 1980, HDC had refinanced projects containing 29,000 units and thereby reduced New York City’s debt burden.

Developments are eligible to withdraw or buy out from the program after 20 years, upon prepayment of the mortgage, or after 35 years in the case of developments aided by loans prior to May 1, 1959. Owners may choose to buy out of the Mitchell-Lama program by prepaying the existing mortgage in order to have the ability to re-sell their projects at market rates. When owners buy out, their buildings are no longer subject to HCR or HPD Mitchell-Lama regulation, and apartments need not be kept affordable for moderate-income households (rent regulation for rental projects built before 1974 remains in effect, as do the regulatory requirements of tax relief or other programs). State agencies, including the Housing Finance Agency, Empire State Development Corporation, and HCR, have collaborated to identify State Mitchell-Lama housing companies to participate in mortgage re-financings, which generate funds for capital improvements and property upgrades.

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Benefit Classification (?)  
Supply or Demand Supply
One-Time or Ongoing Ongoing
Benefit Type (?) Financing, Property Tax Incentive
Government Agency (?) NYS Department of Homes and Community Renewal
Program Information (?)  
Scale Very Large Scale (over 10,000 units produced)
Timeframe 1955-Present
Developer/Owners (?) For-Profit, Non-Profit
Property Information (?)  
Property Occupancy Occupied
Property Type Building
Building Type Multi-family
Construction Type Rehabilitation, New Construction
Occupant Tenure (?) Rental, Homeownership
Occupant Income Restrictions (?) Moderate-Income
More Information NYS HCR
Available on CoreData.nyc? Yes
Last Updated June 2018
Data Source New York City Department of Housing Preservation and Development, New York State Department of Housing and Community Renewal
CoreData.nyc Notes

The end date listed for Mitchell-Lama properties reflects the opt-out date. The Subsidized Housing Database includes Mitchell-Lama properties that have exceeded their opt-out date but (as best we can determine) have not opted out of the program.Data from New York City Department of Housing Preservation and Development accessed November 2016, and data from New York State Department of Housing and Community Renewal accessed June 2018 (reflects data as of March 2018).

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