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Directory of NYC Housing Programs

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Program (?) Advantage
Alternative Name(s) Work Advantage; Advantage-New York
Program Description

Advantage was a rental subsidy provided to households that lived in the homeless shelter system for at least 60 days. In order to qualify, at least one adult per family was required to be employed for 20 hours a week or more earning at minimum wage or above, in addition to engaging in approved activities for a total of 35 hours a week. Total household income could not exceed 200 percent of the federal poverty level.  Approved activities included: job search, a paid job, work-study, internships, or school. Any other adults in the household were also required to participate in at least 20 hours of approved activities. After qualifying, households became eligible for up to two years of rent support. The amount of rental assistance given to a particular household depended on its income and household size. Households contributed 30 percent of their gross monthly income toward rent the first year, and 40 percent the second year and DHS contributed the balance of the rent to the landlord. The program was suspended in April 2011. The program was earlier known as Work Advantage and Advantage-New York.

Benefit Classification (?)  
Supply or Demand Demand
One-Time or Ongoing Ongoing
Benefit Type (?) Grant
Government Agency (?) NYC Dept of Housing Services
Program Information (?)  
Scale Large Scale (between 5,000 and 9,999 units produced)
Timeframe 2007-2011
Developer/Owners (?) Tenant
Property Information (?)  
Property Occupancy Occupied
Property Type Building
Building Type Multi-family, One- to Four-family
Construction Type Not Applicable
Occupant Tenure (?) Rental
Occupant Income Restrictions (?) Very Low-Income
Other Targeting Information (?)

Households leaving homeless shelters

More Information NYC DHS
Available on CoreData.nyc? No

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