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NYU School of Law Student Opportunities

NYU School of Law offers students numerous opportunities to gain practical experience working on pressing issues in land use, housing, real estate and environmental law. In addition to the clinics, the Law School funds academic year fellowships, summer public interest internships for students interested in working for land use, housing or community economic development organizations and in government service. Obtaining these positions, as well as positions after graduation, is facilitated through the Law School’s placement services and faculty and alumni networks. Students also have a range of opportunities to work closely with faculty on land use, housing and environmental and law reform initiatives for governments and international organizations, as well as on academic research.

Furman Center Fellowships

Through the generosity of two alumni, Herbert Gold (’40) and Ronald Moelis (’82), two student fellowships have been endowed in the Furman Center. Each year, students compete for the opportunity to receive the fellowships, which also include the opportunity to work on research projects with Center faculty.

Summer Internships

To provide students with public interest land use, housing, community economic development and environmental experience, and to encourage and support future careers in public interest law, the Law School provides grants for two summer internship programs:

Career Opportunities

The Law School and its faculty and alumni also provide information, counseling, and assistance in developing future professional careers in land use, real estate, housing, community economic development and environmental law.

Related NYU Centers:

Center on Environmental and Land Use Law

The Center’s mission is to advance scholarly inquiry and writing, enhance legal training, and combine theory and practice to develop and help implement innovative legal and policy solutions to environmental protection at the national, regional and global levels. 

The Center regularly sponsors major conferences and publications on leading-edge environmental law issues involving academic, government, NGO, and private sector leaders from throughout the United States and the world. One such conference was an international conference on Superfund Reform and on environmental law and regulation which was held at NYU’s Villa in Florence, Italy and which included participants such as Justice Stephen Breyer of the United States Supreme Court and Lord Slynn of Hadley of the House of Lords.

NYU law students from the U.S. and abroad play an integral part in the Center’s activities. For instance, through the School’s environmental law clinic, students have the opportunity to work directly with the Natural Resources Defense Council—one of the nation’s leading public interest environmental groups—and contribute to public interest environmental litigation and policy initiatives. In addition, fellowship placements in the International and Developing Country Legal Assistance Program offer students a unique opportunity to provide developing countries with practical assistance in strengthening and enforcing their environmental and land use laws and policies.

The Center also encourages and supports student research and writing and other environmental law activities through the NYU Environmental Law Journal and the Environmental Law Society. These activities are designed to train the next generation of environmental law leaders and develop new legal and policy mechanisms for environmental protection through application of the best scholarly research, practical experience, and international dialogue.